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Inefficient outdated communication is a cost we cannot afford
The problem with pagers :
Inefficient communications waste time especially during three critical workflows :
1- 33 minutes during patient admission
2- 40 minutes coordinating an emergency response team
3- 35 minutes during patient transfer

Tilisager directly improves upon inefficiencies of outdated communication systems .
Specially two - way text messaging and location aware emergency system.

The benefits of secure text messaging :
58 estimated time savings across these workflows using secure text messaging

Tilisager : a modern smart communication pager and task manager!

Secure text messaging communication
Tilisager ! allows its users to communicate with each other in a similar manner to texting on your smartphones. Quick hassle free and effective using a novel AL algorithm to create template texts ready to respond .
Real time schedules
Tilisager ! provides all users with real time schedules on a daily basis which boasts an option for smart reminders ; the user is guided through his/her tasks for the day based on the priorities they have set as well as their wards in the building .
AL Emergency call
Tilisager ! minimizes human error and gives you one less thing to worry about . simply send an emergency request for the patient in need and the AL algorithm behind the system finds the most appropriate doctor and they can respond AL requests for the best result .

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